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mission: Working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable community
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FAQS about Lighten Up, Frankfort!  Print (pdf 68K)

The Lighten Up goal: to recruit 400 Frankfort and Franklin County households to achieve cumulative cuts of at least 1,000 tons of carbon emissions by June, 2011.

Why should my organization join Lighten Up Frankfort?
In addition to helping members of your organization learn how to save money by conserving energy, Lighten Up, Frankfort! is a fun way to build and strengthen relationships within and between community groups. It also provides a unique opportunity for your organization to demonstrate its commitment to caring for the earth and enriching the Frankfort/Franklin County community.

Climate change presents serious risks to human health and safety, but fortunately, it’s a problem we can do something about. Thousands of people throughout the country have already used The Low Carbon Diet to significantly reduce their household greenhouse gas emissions (which contribute to climate change), and Lighten Up, Frankfort! is putting this tool to work in our community. By participating in this initiative, the first effort of its kind in Kentucky, your organization will be a leader in our community by raising awareness about the simple things people can do every day to combat climate change. This program has already been successful in several other cities, including Davis, California, Rochester, New York, and Portland, Oregon.

How do we get started?
Once your organization agrees to participate in Lighten Up, Frankfort!, you will need to identify one or more team leaders within your organization to coordinate your activities. FrankfortCAN will organize training sessions for the team leaders from all of the participating organizations to allow them to share their plans, get ideas from each other, and get fired up about the project.

FrankfortCAN will help you develop a launch plan to educate your members about Lighten Up, Frankfort! and motivate them to participate.  We can help your organization by doing a presentation about climate change and the Lighten Up, Frankfort! project.
Then, volunteers within your organization who agree to act as team leaders, will form teams of five to eight households. Each household will need a copy of the The Low Carbon Diet, which is available at a discount to participants at Poor Richards bookstore. Each team will follow the program laid out in the book, meeting together at least four times over the course of two to three months.

Can people participate who don’t live in Frankfort or Franklin County?
Yes. There are many people who commute here to work or attend worship services, and we certainly want to include them if they’re interested.

Where do we get the Low Carbon Diet books?
The Low Carbon Diet books are available from a variety of sources. They retail for $12.95.  Here in town, Poor Richard’s Books in Downtown Frankfort is offering a 20% discount if you mention that you are participating in the Lighten Up, Frankfort! initiative.   

How will the Frankfort Climate Action Network support us as we participate in this initiative?
FrankfortCAN will:
• Put on a presentation and discussion forum at your organization to help educate your members about climate change and The Low Carbon Diet.

• Provide Team Leader Packets and offer training for team leaders.

• Provide e-mail updates to all participants with information about the organizations, how many teams and households are participating, events being held by the organizations, etc.

• Collect and tabulate data about carbon savings resulting from your team’s efforts.

• Publicize the project and your involvement in it.

For more information, please contact your Lighten Up Project Coordinator George Schoogle at 729/270-1227, [email protected]